M-215 AHD-System

The AHD M-215 Series loudspeaker system is an active unit driven by an internal amplifier controller, available in both DC (12 – 36 V) and AC (90 – 240 V) versions.

Direction bundling, performance & range

• Clear, high-reach directional communication

The M-215 has a low weight and can be easily transported. It offers the security personnel possibilities for communication over long distances to highly effective communication and notification of warnings. The superior intelligibility and clarity of the M-215 provides a highly focused audio beam that reaches its maximum Sonic projection and penetration with background noise greater than 90 dB over distance (1000 Meters and beyond). M-215 operators can do this Issue clear, binding verbal commands followed by powerful deterrent tones to improve responsiveness. The extended frequency range of the M-215 ensures a clear understanding of voice commands over long distances. The system is controlled via the MP-900 control unit.

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    M-215 AHD-System

    Features & Specs

    • Large area sound coverage
    • Superior target accuracy
    • Integrated software to optimize speech intelligibility
    • Unique modular conception (stackable) without acoustic losses
    • Protection class IP 65
    • Optional with seawater protection
    • Uniform wavefront
    • Unobtrusive and natural sound experience
    • Even sound diffusion
    • Designed for mobile applications
    • Tolerates extreme temperature fluctuations
    • Transducer complement (One)

      2 x 2 x 1.5“ ND-High-Power Emitter

    • Frequency Range

      250 Hz to 8 kHz

    • Power Handling

      240 W / RMS

    • Cable-SET

      AHD M-215

    • Weight

      12.1 kg without accessories