Vitavox Tactical communications

Vitavox design, manufacture and supply loudspeakers, microphones, headsets and intercom systems for International Army and Naval platforms. The company is at the forefront of military and naval communications and has been supplying the defence industry since 1930.

  • Headsets, Hearing Protection & PTT

    VITAVOX Tactical Communications Headset

    Tactical Communications & Hearing Protection Headsets

    The ViTac family of communication and hearing protection headsets cover a wide spectrum of applications from submarine and surface fleet operators to armoured fighting vehicle crews and on-the-person dismounted operations. Variants of the headsets are currently in service throughout the globe and provide unrivalled industry leading capability levels of protection and communication.

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  • Loudspeakers

    OUTACOM Tactical Loudspeaker

    The only full Def Stan qualified tactical vehicle PA system currently in production.  The Tactical Loudspeaker provides the ability to make public announcements from within the vehicle reducing the risk and de-escalating potentially violent confrontation.

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  • Vehicle Systems

    VITAVIC 400C

    The Vitavic 400C – a low profile and compact version of the 400 Series, an ideal solution for congested vehicles and discreet users.

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  • Vehicle Systems

    VITAVIC 400

    A software defined system, the Vitavic 400 Central Communication Unit can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

    Designed to work independently or combine with a variety of loudspeaker and PA systems, it is capable or supporting up to 6 connected radios and 26 users.

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  • Microphones

    B60 Watertight Microphone

    The neoprene covered Vitavox B60 Microphone is completely watertight, is intended for use in exposed conditions, especially IP rated for naval operations.

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  • Handsets

    Emergency Battery Powered Handset

    Vitavox Battery-Powered Emergency Handset is based on previously employed handsets but with significant enhancements reflecting user requirements. Multiple handsets can be connected to a dual copper wire forming a stand-alone, non-interfering communication channel.

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About Us

Vitavox was established in 1930 by Leonard Young, an electrician specialising in wireless, who served in the Navy as a volunteer. During his time at sea, he realised the importance of the on-board internal communications and on return to dry land he set about creating and producing products that would meet the operational requirements of the maritime environment.

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