Vitac™ Noise Reduction Filters (NRF)

A passive in-ear reusable filter made with medical grade TPE, providing the user with unrivalled impulse protection, whilst simultaneously maintaining voice communications and situational awareness.

ViTac™ Noise Reduction Filters (NRF) provide protection from a variety of impulse sounds including:

  • Automatic Fire including heavy calibre weapons
  • Single Gun Shots – rifle, shotguns, handguns
  • Artillery and Mortar Fire
  • Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) Operation
  • Incoming indirect fire

When sound peaks are not present, ViTac™ NRF allows ambient sound to travel through the filter straight into the ear, ensuring voice and directional background noise can be heard, with the minimum occlusion experienced.

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    Vitac™ Noise Reduction Filters (NRF)

    Features & Specs

    • ViTac™ Noise Reduction Filters use an ANSI IPIL certified filter (ANSI/ASA S12.42-2010) for shocks up to 166 dB, providing up to 33 dB of attenuation.
    • Military developed filter technology attenuates dangerous levels of impulse noise
    • Increase protection levels by combining with theViTac™ Personal Headset (available separately)
    • All day comfort. Hygienic advanced technology mesh ensures air constantly flows into the ear.
    • Fully reusable product
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