15 & 30W External Main Broadcast Loudspeaker

Our external Main Broadcast and Intercom Loudspeakers are currently in-service with the British, Australian and New Zealand Royal Navy’s.  Available in both 15 and 30W, they are machined from solid aluminium allow for maximum durability.

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    15 & 30W External Main Broadcast Loudspeaker

    Features & Specs

    • 15 Watt power rating adjustable to 15 Watt, 8 Watt or 4 Watt
    • 30 Watt power rating adjustable by transformer tapping settings
    • Used above and below deck in high noise areas
    • Survives close proximity explosions and destructive blows
    • Part Number:

      VQ91052-02 Main Broadcast 15 Watt

    • VQ96002 Main Broadcast 30 Watt

    • NSN:

      5965-99-902-5744 Main Broadcast 15 Watt

    • 5965-99-902-5744 Main Broadcast 30 Watt

    • Weight

      6.7 Kg

    • Dimensions (mm):

      185 mm wide x 290 mm tall x 175 depth