Outacom is the only full Def Stan and MIL-SPEC qualified tactical vehicle public address system currently in production. This system is being installed on all the British Army AJAX armoured fighting vehicles currently in production.

Outacom® enables
  • Direct, command and control the immediate locale from within the vehicle

  • Protection of vehicle personnel from the enemy - no requirement to expose head to communicate

  • Safer control of crowd dispersal and area clearance

  • Reduced probability of unnecessary escalation of violence

  • Blast-proof, shockproof and weatherproof to the highest military specifications

  • Seamless switching between Outacom and vehicle intercom system as required using the Outacom® Control Unit (PASAM)

Why Outacom®?
Communicating with the civilian population from inside an AFV has previously meant opening the hatch and exposing personnel to danger. Before Outacom the crew were forced to expose themselves to potential aggression and employ communication tactics such as shouting or firing warning shots at the assumed threat, regardless of it being hostile or friendly. Outacom gives the crew a tool to be able to address the threat without aggression – if the situation calls for that approach.
Outacom® – The product

Outacom keeps personnel safe. Announcements can be made to civilians from inside a vehicle, reducing risk and de-escalating potentially violent confrontation. Built to rigorous military standards, Outacom is robust, powerful and enables direct audio communication to distances of up to 300m.

The system can be totally stand alone or integrated into a vehicle’s communication harness, whilst retro fitting to an existing vehicle is quick and straightforward. In addition to live voice communication, alarm tones and pre-recorded announcements can also be broadcast without distracting the crew from their operational task.

Compatible with any intercom system, Outacom integrates and switches seamlessly using the Outacom Control Unit (also known as the PASAM), ensuring full communication traffic security.

Compact and robust, Outacom is compliant to multiple Def Stans, MIL-STDs and IP67. The system is tested to full environmental and electronic specifications.

What does it include
The Outacom System (basic) consists:
  • x1 Outacom Control Unit or PASAM including power supply cable 
  • x2 External Loudhailer Units complete with cables
  • x1 Noise Cancelling Microphone with Securing Bracket
The system is tested to withstand the vibration of an armoured vehicle, the heat of the hottest desert, the cold of Siberia, the shock of explosion nearby and constant subjection to dust and dirt.
Video courtesy of DE&S Creative team