US Navy Seals

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Vitavox Communication Solutions for the US Navy Seals

Vitavox is dedicated to equipping the US Navy Seals with state-of-the-art communication solutions that ensure operational success in the most challenging missions.

B60 Watertight Tactical Microphone

The neoprene covered Vitavox B60 Microphone is completely watertight, is intended for use in exposed conditions, especially IP rated for…

Main Broadcast and Intercom Loudspeakers

Waterproof, blast-proof and shockproof, our Main Broadcast and Intercom Loudspeakers are both in current active service on fleets across the…

Compact Submarine Loudspeaker

The Compact Talkback Submarine Loudspeaker us a watertight, pressure tight unit that can be mounted (without the need to be…

Tailored Communication Gear for Elite Operations

Our range of rugged loudspeakers, microphones, headsets, and intercom systems are custom-designed to meet the rigorous demands of the US Navy Seals, providing superior audio clarity and reliability in all conditions.

Secure and Reliable Communications in Any Environment

Vitavox leverages the latest technology to deliver secure, clear communication channels that are essential for the operational security and effectiveness of special forces, ensuring confidentiality and reliability even in the most extreme environments.

Cutting-edge Technology for Special Forces

Our commitment to innovation ensures that the US Navy Seals have access to the most advanced communication systems, enabling seamless operations and coordination during critical missions.

Prototype Warfare Innovations – Supporting the British Army on OP CABRIT

Who Is The User? The Light Dragoons are Light Cavalry soldiers tasked with preparing the way for the rest of…

Vitavox’s Commitment to the US Navy Seals

Our partnership with the US Navy Seals is a testament to our dedication to providing the best communication solutions possible, supporting their mission to maintain national security.

Contact Vitavox for US Navy Seals Communication Solutions

Discover how Vitavox can enhance the operational capabilities of the US Navy Seals with tailored communication solutions. Contact us to explore systems designed for the unique needs of special operations forces.

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