Royal Air Force

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Vitavox Communication Solutions for the Royal Air Force

Vitavox is dedicated to equipping the Royal Air Force with state-of-the-art communication solutions that support ground operations superiority, operational efficiency, and enhanced situational awareness, ensuring success in both peacetime and combat missions.

OUTACOM Tactical Loudspeaker

The only full Def Stan qualified tactical vehicle PA system currently in production.  The Tactical Loudspeaker provides the ability to…

VITAVOX Tactical Communications Headset

Tactical Communications & Hearing Protection Headsets The ViTac family of communication and hearing protection headsets cover a wide spectrum of…

Tactical Cross Domain Audio Security Systems – CDAS

The Cross-Domain Router (CDR) and the Cross-Domain Switch (CDS) together provide a Cross-Domain Audio System solution allowing audio integration of…

Advanced Communication Gear for Air Force Ground Operations

Our range of loudspeakers, microphones, headsets, and intercom systems is specially designed to meet the Royal Air Force’s unique requirements, providing clear, reliable communication critical for coordinating Air Force ground operations.

Secure Communications for Strategic Operations

Utilising the latest encryption and secure communication technologies, Vitavox delivers systems that protect sensitive information, ensuring the Royal Air Force maintains operational security and strategic advantage during missions.

Reliable Systems for Challenging Environments

Vitavox’s communication solutions are engineered to perform in the diverse and challenging environments encountered by the Royal Air Force, offering unparalleled reliability and durability for airborne and ground support operations.

Prototype Warfare Innovations – Supporting the British Army on OP CABRIT

Who Is The User? The Light Dragoons are Light Cavalry soldiers tasked with preparing the way for the rest of…

Outacom Case Study

THE CUSTOMER General Dynamics UK (GDUK) is part of the General Dynamics Corporation (GD) and is one of the UK’s…

Vitavox’s Dedication to the Royal Air Force

Our commitment to the Royal Air Force reflects our dedication to providing advanced communication solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, supporting the RAF’s mission to defend the UK and its interests.

Contact Vitavox for Royal Air Force Communication Solutions

Learn how Vitavox can enhance the operational capabilities of the Royal Air Force with tailored communication solutions. Contact us to explore systems designed for the rigorous demands of aerial and ground support missions.

New Case Study – Prototype Warfare Innovations

Vitavox are continuing to support the British Army and the Light Dragoons as they modernise and transform using new innovative technology on OP…

Product Spotlight – Vitavox Long Range Speaker

The Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017 was a devastating tragedy, and one of the significant issues contributing to the…

Innovations in the Field: The Future of Tactical Communications

Clear and effective communication is the backbone of any military operation. This pivotal aspect of military operations has undergone a…