NATO Allies

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Vitavox Communication Solutions for NATO Allies Militaries

Vitavox is dedicated to equipping NATO Allies with cutting-edge communication solutions that foster interoperability, operational effectiveness, and strategic collaboration among member states, ensuring a united defence posture.

VITAVOX Tactical Communications Headset

Tactical Communications & Hearing Protection Headsets The ViTac family of communication and hearing protection headsets cover a wide spectrum of…

Vitavox Long-Range Speaker (VLS)

Powered by a military standard 2590 battery, the VLS provides clear and highly intelligible communications at long distances.  Designed to…

OUTACOM Tactical Loudspeaker

The only full Def Stan qualified tactical vehicle PA system currently in production.  The Tactical Loudspeaker provides the ability to…

Interoperable Communication Systems for Joint Operations

Our range of loudspeakers, microphones, headsets, and intercom systems is designed to support interoperability across NATO forces, facilitating seamless communication during joint operations and enhancing collective response capabilities.

Advanced Secure Communications for NATO Forces

Utilising the latest in encryption and secure communication technologies, Vitavox delivers systems that safeguard sensitive information, ensuring operational security and strategic advantage in NATO military engagements.

Reliability Across Diverse Operational Environments

Engineered for durability and performance, Vitavox’s communication solutions are tested and proven in a variety of operational environments, providing NATO forces with reliable tools essential for mission success un

Prototype Warfare Innovations – Supporting the British Army on OP CABRIT

Who Is The User? The Light Dragoons are Light Cavalry soldiers tasked with preparing the way for the rest of…

Vitavox’s Commitment to NATO Allies

Our commitment to NATO Allies underscores our dedication to delivering state-of-the-art communication solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and interoperability, supporting the alliance’s mission to maintain peace and security.

Contact Vitavox for NATO Allies Communication Solutions

Learn how Vitavox can enhance the operational capabilities of NATO forces with tailored communication solutions designed for the unique needs of multinational military operations. Contact us to explore systems that ensure you’re always mission-ready.

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Outacom Featured on ITV’s Her Majesty’s Cavalry

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