Vitavox Sea Communications Solutions

For nearly a century, Vitavox has been at the forefront of military and naval communications, designing, manufacturing, and supplying advanced loudspeakers, microphones, headsets, and intercom systems for navies and maritime organisations globally.

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A Legacy of Naval Communication Excellence

Vitavox’s tradition of excellence dates back to 1930, providing robust and reliable communication solutions that have become integral to maritime operations around the world.

B60 Watertight Tactical Microphone

The neoprene covered Vitavox B60 Microphone is completely watertight, is intended for use in exposed conditions, especially IP rated for…

4W Main Broadcast and Intercom Loudspeaker

Waterproof, blast-proof, shockproof and ATEX rated, our 4W Broadcast and Intercom Loudspeaker product range offer a versatile loudspeaker to meet…

Compact Submarine Loudspeaker

The Compact Talkback Submarine Loudspeaker us a watertight, pressure tight unit that can be mounted (without the need to be…

Comprehensive Service Plan for Maritime Operations

Our end-to-end service plan ensures Vitavox products maintain peak performance throughout their operational lifecycle. This includes product surveys, detailed assessments, and necessary refurbishments to uphold “fit, form, and function.”

Operational Excellence in Commonwealth and NATO Fleets

Vitavox’s products are a testament to our quality and reliability, currently in use on both surface and sub-surface vessels across many Commonwealth and NATO fleets, ensuring seamless and effective communication under all conditions.

Highlighting Our Success: The Dreadnought Class Submarines

A recent milestone includes the award to Vitavox of the contract for loudspeakers, microphones and headsets on the HMS Dreadnought – the next-generation ballistic Missile Submarine for the Royal Navy. Our solutions, including deep dive-resistant hull loudspeakers and ATEX environment-ready equipment, emphasises our commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

Outacom Case Study

THE CUSTOMER General Dynamics UK (GDUK) is part of the General Dynamics Corporation (GD) and is one of the UK’s…

Why Choose Vitavox for Your Maritime Communication Needs

Choosing Vitavox means opting for a partner with a proven legacy, unparalleled reliability, and innovative solutions tailored for the harsh and demanding maritime environment.

Contact Vitavox for Your Maritime Communication Solutions

Ready to advance your maritime communications? Contact Vitavox to explore custom solutions designed for your unique operational needs.

Communicating at Sea: The Future of Maritime Communication

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Communicating Under the Waves: The Role of Vitavox in Submarine Communications

Effective communication under the vast and unforgiving seas is a tactical asset and a lifeline in the covert environment of…

Contracts awarded for the world’s most advanced submarine – AUKUS

Vitavox equipment currently in service on the Astute-class vehicles AUKUS Replacing the Astute-class vessels Scheduled to enter UK service in…