Vitavox Communication Solutions for On-The-Person Use

VitaVox has been a leading provider of military communication solutions since 1930, focusing on supporting personnel directly through advanced headsets, microphones, hearing protection, and intercom systems designed for on-the-person use.

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Comprehensive Service Plans for On-The-Person Applications

We offer full-service support for all Vitavox products, ensuring they remain operational and effective throughout their lifecycle. Our service plans include product surveys, detailed assessments, and refurbishments tailored to the unique demands of on-the-person communication devices.

VITAVOX Tactical Communications Headset

Tactical Communications & Hearing Protection Headsets The ViTac family of communication and hearing protection headsets cover a wide spectrum of…

Vitac™ Noise Reduction Filters (NRF)

A passive in-ear reusable filter made with medical grade TPE, providing the user with unrivalled impulse protection, whilst simultaneously maintaining…

UHF Receive Only

The ViTac UHF Receive Only Headset is a receive-only headset that is interoperable with the wireless transmitter which transmits on…

Tailored Communication Devices for Personal Use

Vitavox’s communication devices are specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of personnel operating in various environments, ensuring clear, reliable communication in any operational context. Our products include the ViTac™ Personal Communication System, which provides 360° situational awareness and dual-layered hearing protection.

Proven Reliability in Various Operational Environments

Our products have been tested and proven in the field, currently operational with various military and law enforcement units, demonstrating our commitment to quality and dependability in supporting personnel missions.

Enhancing Personal Operations with Vitavox Technology

Vitavox technology is at the forefront of enhancing personal operations, offering solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems to improve communication efficiency and operational effectiveness. Our ViTac™ Personal Communication System is an example of this innovation, providing unparalleled situational awareness and communication clarity.

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Why Vitavox is the Choice for On-The-Person Solutions

Choosing Vitavox means leveraging nearly a century of innovation and dedication to quality, ensuring personnel have the best communication tools at their disposal to support their operations effectively.

Contact Vitavox for On-The-Person Communication Solutions

To explore how Vitavox can enhance your on-the-person operations, contact us today. Our team is ready to provide you with customised communication solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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