Compact Submarine Loudspeaker and Talkback Microphone

The compact submarine loudspeaker is pressure proof, watertight, blast proof, and also acts as a microphone for dive chamber communications

Waterproof, Shock Proof, Pressure Tight Talkback Submarine Loudspeaker

For main broadcast, public address, and loud hailing in external positions

The compact submarine loudspeaker is waterproof (IP68), pressure proof (703m) and shock tested to the maximum requirement of submarine bridge hardware for use as an external broadcast or intercom loudspeaker in marine environments on board military class submarines and submersible vessels. The compact loudspeaker also acts as a talkback microphone for use in the submarine dive chamber.

Astute Class Submarine Loudspeaker

The unit is a re-engineered version of the Vitavox standard submarine loudspeaker and was purposefully designed to fit the requirements of the Astute Class Submarine Programme. The compact submarine loudspeaker is an effective replacement for the 5965-00-583-4106 Permanent Magnet Loudspeaker (NH200, C6518, LS450/B, LS450B, 815-1853087). The unit having the advantage of being twice the output volume (up to 20W), more rugged in construction and with no terminals exposed to sea water. This allows the unit to function fully while wet and ensures there is no rusting, corrosion, or problems. This unit is also not subject to ITAR restrictions being of full UK manufacture and design.

These loudspeakers are individually pressure tested as watertight to 69 bar and each speaker is is x-rayed to ensure casting composition and integrity. The loudspeaker consists of a pressure-tight chamber formed by a body casting of high tensile naval bronze and an outer chamber which houses the speaker cone. The talkback loudspeaker is capable of withstanding the most demanding marine environments.

The compact submarine loudspeaker can act as both loud hailer and microphone.

The unit must be mounted on a vertical support or bulkhead to ensure efficient drainage of the speaker cone. The unit is secured to its support or bulkhead by means of 6 M10 or 3/8” studs fixing to a mounting plate. Currently the mounting plate will connect with stud fixings required for the 5965-00-583-4106 Permanent Magnet Loudspeaker ( NH200, C6518, LS450/B, LS450B, 815-1853087).


Compact Submarine Loudspeaker datasheet Vitavox Compact Submarine Loudspeaker

Vitavox product brochure Vitavox product brochure


Active Service:

The compact submarine loudspeaker is currently active on:

Part Number: VQ79604
NSN: 5965-99-553-4267
Input Signal 9V
Rated Power: 5-20W
Weight: 17.59kg

Nickel Aluminium Bronze
(NES 747 Pt. 2)
Shock Proof to: Submarine Bridge Requirements
Waterproof: IP68, > MIL-STD-810
Pressure Tested: 69bar (703m)
Dimensions (mm): 180 dia x 165 depth
Sound Output:
112dB/watt @ 1m
The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Astute
The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Ambush