Emergency Handset

Battery powered emergency communications channel

Battery Powered Emergency Communications Handset

Point-to-point emergency communications system

The Vitavox Emergency Handset is a military grade handset designed to be used as a back-up to the main communications channels. The handset is called 'emergency' because it has no requirement for power from any of the vessels systems; all power is provided by PP3 9V batteries included in each handset. If a ship, submarine or boat has lost main communications through power failure, the emergency systems based on these handsets will still operate to provide point-to-point communications. The handsets are used to provide direct communication between strategic positions and can also be used where lines are not already wired, for field use or 'on the fly' communication.

Many ships also use these as alternative communication channels, avoiding clogging the main broadcast communication system. Each handset has approximately twelve hours of constant use which includes a battery indicator diode. During speech operation the call-tone is locked out and under normal circumstances all users can listen to those that are speaking on the connected circuit. Operators who wish to speak press their 'press-to-talk' switch.

Multiple emergency handsets can form a stand alone, non-interfering communication channel that can be configured for different purposes. Up to 30 handsets can be connected on one emergency circuit. The handsets are hard wired through standard two-wire copper cable, eliminating potential signal barrier caused by bulkheads and other metal work.

Battery powered, point-to-point emergency communications channel

The battery powered handset provides an emergency alternative to main broadcast systems.


Battery-Powered Emergency Handset datasheet Emergency Handset datasheet

Vitavox product brochure Vitavox product brochure


Part Number: VT09403
Input Impedance: 300Ω
Weight: 380g
Dimensions: 230mm x 57mm x 90mm 
Sensitivity: 80dB re 1V/0.1M/m²
200Hz - 3.44kHz
Call Tone Noise: 80 phons at 1.8m

12 = 115dB(A)
24 = 108dB(A)
30 = 105dB(A) 

Active Service:

The emergency handset is currently active on:

The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Vanguard
The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Vengeance