Military Communication Systems

Military PA Systems

Vitavox has designed and developed the Outacom™ PA system for operational use on all armoured vehicles. Consisting of 2 EOMs, a sound amplifier module and a B90 noise-cancelling microphone, Vitavox will deliver these systems to the GDUK Specialist Vehicle Programme. Vitavox believe that ‘Shout before you shoot’ should be required military doctrine and mounted as standard on all types of military vehicles in order to reduce risk, escalation of violence and collateral damage to both operational and civilian personnel. 

Intercom Systems


Vitavox provide a software defined, sophisticated, reliable technical solution for tactical communication systems inside and outside all military, paramilitary and light strike armoured vehicles. The Vitavic 400 military intercom system can also be used by battle tanks and users who have, or wish to have, a number of tactical headset and CNR providers.




Vitavox provide a range of military loudspeakers and loud hailers which can be used in both naval and land arenas. The naval loudspeakers are pressure proof, waterproof and shock proof to military standards and can be used above and below deck as external submarine loudspeakers for intercoms or main broadcast speakers. The army loudspeakers can be externally mounted to AFVs to provide a safe method of communicating with civilians or identified threats.



Handsets & Microphones


The Vitavox range of military microphones and handsets have applications in both land and naval arenas. The military handsets come in ATEX approved, explosion proof and waterproof versions for use on land and at sea and come with optional active noise reduction technology. The emergency handsets provide a direct wired, point-to-point communications system which can be used as an alternative to the main broadcast system.



Vitavox Headset LogoHeadsets & Headphones


Vitavox have a range of military headsets and headphones suitable for land and naval operations. These include magnetic loop (mag loop) and UHF receive only headsets specifically designed for submarines and high noise, below deck environments. Vitavox headphones feature passive noise reduction and act as ear protectors as well as critical communications channels.


Bespoke Communications Systems

Vitavox have a strong design and development team based in the UK and provide a series of post design services for military and commercial customers. This includes adaptation of existing Vitavox components and equipment into bespoke systems as per the customer's requirements. It also includes form, fit and function replacement of existing loudspeakers & microphones that have been proven to be 'not fit for role'.